Unique Ideas For Memorable Wedding Invitations

The custom options available for wedding invitations are unlimited. For the couple who want a truly unique look for their wedding, the invitations are a wonderful place to start. There are many ways to create unique and lasting invitations of your special day. Choosing an invitation for your wedding is important, because it will be one of the most lasting mementos of that day. Take the time to select an invitation that reflects the true spirit that you share as a couple, and do not worry about whether it presents a traditional look. Some ideas to consider:

Photo invitation - Invitations with the engaged couple’s photograph are a touching way to invite others to your wedding. There are a variety of ways that photographs can be incorporated into the wedding invitations. Some invitations include a full color photograph of the bride and groom. Others use a black and white, low contrast (or “watermarked”) photograph. With the full color photographs, you will have to put the invitation’s wording on a separate panel so that it will be clearly visible. If you choose the low contrast photography, the writing can appear either on a separate panel or over top of the photograph.

Invitations with drawings - Subtle, black and white line drawings are a romantic touch to wedding invitations, and a wonderful way to make your invitations unique. A simple drawing of a church, wedding bells or a depiction of the couple as children all add an interesting touch to wedding invitations. There are many invitations available that have drawings already, or, you can work with the printer to customize your invitations.

Adding some fun - One way to add a unique twist to your wedding invitations is by adding something fun to the invitation envelope. You may choose confetti, stickers or a funny photo of the bride and groom. If you are hosting a destination wedding, include a brochure about the area where you are getting married. Another popular trend is embellishing traditional paper invitations with large or colorful bows in satin, organza and lace.

Go nontraditional - Some couples balk at the idea of following the strict format of wedding tradition. If you and your future spouse would like to try something different, there is no reason to stick with traditional invitations at all. Print your wedding details on small cards, and enclose them in a small box of chocolates for each guest. Write a love story about you and your fiancé, which culminates in a wedding invitation, and have it printed in booklet form, and mail to your guests. The options are endless, and limited only by your imagination.

Keep in mind that invitations do have an important job. No matter how carefree or nontraditional you and your fiancé are, the invitation should include the date, time and location of the wedding and the reception. If you expect a response from your guests, it is also important to include a self addressed envelope with postage included. As long as these important pieces of wedding etiquette are adhered to, you can be as unique and nonconforming as you like with the rest of the invitation.

Is it acceptable to have a unique wedding invitation even if you are planning a traditional wedding? Absolutely. While some people like to coordinate their invitations with the style of their wedding, it is not strictly necessary. If you have a fun or different idea for your wedding invitations, then, by all means, choose the invitation that you want. If you plan on celebrating with a formal ceremony, make sure to mention that on the invitation, such as “black tie requested”. On the other hand, if the wedding invitation is off-beat people may assume that your wedding will be a more casual affair unless you specifically state otherwise. Putting the information on the wedding invitation prevents any confusion.

Unique wedding invitations are a fun way to express your personality. Most importantly, they do not have to cost a fortune. There are a variety of personalized options available online and in stores. Do-it-yourself invitations are usually the least expensive option until you consider the time it will take you to print and assemble them all. Online invitation vendors can save you time as well as providing a higher quality invitation than what you would buy at the local office supply or discount retail store. But to use a famous advertising phrase, “some assembly may be required”, particularly if you have chosen a style with multiple layers or bows.

Do not hesitate to add your own flair to personalize your chosen invitations and make them your own. If you still have doubts, consult with the sales professional at your wedding store for ideas on standard invitations, adding custom touches to personalized invitations, or creating your own invitations with a do-it-yourself kit.

The Tradition of White Wedding Dresses

We are used to how it has always been until we encounter evidence to the proof. White wedding gowns has been a traditional for long time. However, do you know what it is before that was true?

The history of white wedding gowns should back to the Victoria era. Queen Victoria was the first woman who wears white wedding gowns which would then have been considered a flamboyant white gown on her wedding ceremony in 1840. This gorgeous wedding gown did not start the tradition immediately; however, many women think this as a symbol of class and style and then they start to wear white wedding dresses in the wedding to copy Queen Victoria. After that, it spawns the interest and popularity of white wedding dresses as we know today.

Prior to this, the normal policy of wedding dresses was to wear good, new dresses, which could be used for formal occasions afterwards. For the nobility, they would like to choose wear very expensive clothes with gold thread. In that era, the length of the train symbolized the degree of influence on the Royals.

Nowadays, women all over the world are dreaming to have pure white wedding dresses for their wedding day. This tells us that the white wedding gowns of today is deep-seated tradition, and for many is worn to signify virtue as well as uphold tradition. We can heard from the marriage handbook that “from the earliest ages, that white is the most fitting hue”. Even in the US in the history, it was normal to purchase a good dress for use as a wedding dress.

As Britain is a place where is populated with traditions and legends, so it is natural that the tradition of white wedding dresses was started by the English Monarchy. Until the First World War, wedding dresses grew more and more elaborate in Britain. Women are tending to like simple style and they also led to the abandonment of the corset and shorter skirts.

In the Great Depression period in the US, women will marry in a white gown but dye it into blue or other colors for normal wear. The funny thing you can see is that the collar and cuffs are still in white to show the original use of the dress.

Things have changed in the World War Two. Women gave up the fancy wedding because there is little time for them to plan a wedding. Besides, it is a normal thing that women who are in the service to marry in her uniform. Of course, there are still some women who did not in the service. For these people, they would choose a good and new dress for their wedding ceremony.

Then the prosperity period has coming. In this period, there are lots of special gowns that serve no other purpose than the wedding ceremony. Much like Queen Victoria, Princess Grace of Monaco set a standard of wedding dresses for women in the contemporary era on her wedding ceremony, showing them and those who came after them the criterion of the ideal wedding gowns.

Nowadays, wearing a white, extravagant gown was a sign that you could afford to buy a wedding dress that you maybe never be able to wear again because of its style and color. Of course, there are many colors of wedding dresses. However, white wedding dresses symbolize that this is your first wedding and it also means the virtue of your wedding. So people would choose white wedding gowns in their first wedding. However, if they have a second wedding, the brides would choose other colors of wedding gowns such as pink and blue.

With the time changes, brides in the new century would like to enjoy wedding in the color of their choice. Normal women have injected their own personality and style into the wedding dresses. We can see women are marrying in colors ranging from delicate ivory to deepest red and even black. For the Royalty, they still have favor in the traditional white wedding dresses. But the white wedding dresses can afford by many common people nowadays, so it cannot mark the stature of high society. So they choose something different to distinct from normal people with the most expensive silks, pearls and material possible.